APEG's proprietary Goal Oriented Actively Linked Segments (G.O.A.L.S.) approach to planning makes makes Comprehensive Financial Planning approachable without sacrificing thoroughness for both professionals and the clients they serve. It follows a disciplined order of addressing the segments of planning so that information gathered, and goals addressed in one segment are used to support the segments that follow. The approach recognizes that a single decision made in any one of the segments of a family’s comprehensive plan will have a consequence in the other four segments thus demonstrating the linked nature of decision making. 

APEG supports the proprietary approach with planning tools to help explain the process to consumers and efficiently gather information to establish agreed upon planning goals.

G.O.A.L.S. Approach is available to professionals through APEG's Planning Essentials or APEG's Membership. G.O.A.L.S. licensing requires planners to complete the APEG Foundations of Financial Planning Course or have recognized planning credentials issued by the Board of Certified Financial Planners or like.
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Why G.O.A.L.S.?

Most clients operate with five distinct plans established by several professionals. The estate plan is usually developed by the attorney. The income taxes are prepared by a tax professional. The insurance plan is developed by one or more insurance agents. The income plan is developed by either the investment advisor or the insurance agent. The investment plan is established and monitored by the investment advisor.

Unfortunately, these five individual plans are rarely connected. The attorney may provide Durable Power of Attorney documents to address an incapacity but usually doesn't discuss the way in which an incapacity would be funded. The investment advisor might select great investments but not be aware of the totality of the income tax repercussions.

A Comprehensive Financial Planner is the solution to linking together the five disconnected segments of the client's plan. This planning professional helps to thoroughly understand the client's situation, isolate specific goals and desired outcomes and coordinate with the various professionals needed to help the client accomplish their goals.

APEG's proprietary client engagement process is called G.O.A.L.S. With G.O.A.LS., the planner focuses on Goal Orientated Actively Linked Segments to assemble a Comprehensive Financial Plan. This engagement process is founded on optimizing the five segments of financial planning to form one complete financial plan.

Under the G.O.A.L.S. approach, the five segments are presented in a specific order to gather information and recognize goals so that each segment builds on the prior segments.

APEG recognizes that when a planner is with clients, the planner is focused on listening to the clients story. Unfortunately, this focus often conflicts with gathering useful information in a disciplined manner. We make it easier for professionals to help clients define and plan to achieve their goals. To aid our members in the planning process, we provide client-friendly Planning Support Tools that help build trust and provide clarity:

  • First Meeting Booklet: “An Overview of Goal-Based Financial Planning
  • Initial Interview : “Planning to Your Goals”  
  • Annual Review: “Updating Your Goals"
  • Goal Identifier: "A Roadmap to our Relationship"

APEG Customized Client Friendly Tools
APEG Overview to Goal-Based Planning

First Meeting Customized* Brochure

This document is customized* to match your firm's color scheme, include your logo, individual name, address, phone number, email address and required disclosures. This piece opens up to a "spread" as seen below and allows you to effectively describe the order in which you will be addressing the five key planning segments and conduct the planning process. This will provide your clients with a take-away from your first meeting which reaffirms your commitment to Comprehensive Financial Planning long after your meeting has ended.

First Meeting Interior

Customized* Interview Form

A key to knowing your client is not just gathering the right information, but gathering the right information in the right order.

APEG's Interview form support the planner by organizing the gathering of information in such a way that information collected for one segment continually builds on the information gathered in the prior segments,

This Interview packet has descriptions before each section to help explain why the information is being gathered and how it is relevant to the Comprehensive Planning process.

Initial Interview Interior
APEG Annual Review

Customized* Annual Review Form

A key to maintaining your client relationship is to keep your information current. Many planners will have a paraplanner complete this packet in advance of an Annual Review.

The Annual Review is a questionnaire is organized to align with the initial interview process and requests only necessary information to align with the G.O.A.L.S. process.

Like the Interview Form, the Annual Review packet has descriptions before each section to help explain why the information is being gathered and how it is relevant to updating the Comprehensive Planning process.

Initial Interview Interior
Roadmap to our Relationship

Customized* Goal Identifier

After the client has been informed as to your planning process through the First Meeting Brochure, and the thorough yet efficient interview or annual review has been completed, the client's goals and desired outcomes will become apparent.

In order to begin the formalization of the client/planner relationship, the planner must first identify the issues that they recognized through their experience and education, coupled with the information obtained during the interview / annual review phase.

The planner can then use the Goal Identifier to "check-off" the issues they spotted through the interview phase. The client can review the planner's suggested issues and then prioritize the issues so the Roadmap to the Relationship can be established.

The goal identifier allows the planner and the client to agree in writing as to the scope of the relationship.

Customized For Your Situation and Licensed for Public Display

In recognition of the uniqueness of your practice and the clients you serve, the APEG Planning Disk representing the planner and clients can be further customized to display a male or female planner, a male and female set of clients or same gender clients. We respect and support an inclusive planning community.

Additionally, as a Licensee of the APEG G.O.A.L.S. approach to planning, you may utilize the APEG Planning Disk in your marketing material and seminar slide decks to further demonstrate your competitive advantage. (Certain restrictions may apply)

Customized for You
*Customization of planning support tools includes incorporating your firm’s logo, color scheme, disclosures, name, address, email and phone number into pre-developed APEG Copyrighted Documents. Customized material is licensed to an individual only. Expenses associated with printing are the responsibility of the licensee, Licensee is responsible to submit material to their financial firm's compliance officer for approval prior to finalization. Licensee must acknowledge a license agreement before utilization with the public. Examples featuring Platinum Wealth Management Group, Inc. (PWMG) are for illustrative purposes only. Platinum Wealth Management Group, Inc. and APEG are unrelated entities. PWMG logo is used with permission.